Bolívar Hall: A Window to the Rich Cultural of Venezuela

Since 1986 Bolívar Hall has been supporting and hosting various Venezuelan events in London, but today it has evolved and with the new director of cultural events, Maria Alejandra Rivas Briceño brought in last year, in an effort to revitalize the venue.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Mariale and hear her insights about the hall and upcoming events.

The building today called the Miranda House, which hosts the Cultural centre for the Venezuelan embassy has been in existence for a while and has seen many important inhabitants.  The Georgian building was built in the 1790s and in 1803 Francisco de Miranda and his family moved in the house. Francisco de Miranda stayed in London until 1810 while he gained funding for the independence movement in Latin America.  After his departure Andres Bello, another Venezuelan diplomat moved into house. In the 1900s the building was turned into flats and was then scheduled to be demolished in the 1970s.  Luckily in 1978 the Venezuelan Government purchased the buildings for the embassy, one of which being Miranda House.  Then in 1983 the Bolívar Hall was added to give a space for larger events at the Miranda House.  

Bolívar Hall’s acoustics were designed particularly for non-electric traditional roots and classical instruments, which tie in with the sounds that they are striving to showcase. “Bolivar Hall’s focus is on the organic and distinct Venezuelan sounds and we strive to highlight the differences with other Latin American countries,” Says Mariale.  However the hall also aims to support other Latin American artists and has worked with other countries including Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.  Since the hall is linked to the embassy the events must be diplomatic, but does also showcase artists with different political opinions.  Recently the hall has hosted musicians from Venezuela as well as Europe and other parts of Latin America.  They also support Venezuelan artists performing non-traditional music for example, various MCs and a harpist named Carlos Orozco. They have supported Venezuelan artists playing off site at festivals like Glastonbury, and Festival #6, as well as at numerous live music venues throughout London. 

There is currently a plethora of events planned.  A monthly series called “Venezuela in Town” showcases Venezuelan artists that live in London and the UK. In July they have dancers performing as part of that series, and next month it is a theatre performance.  Every three months the hall is hosting a film screening along with a Q&A session with the director of the film.  Each month they have four events, which often fill the capacity of 150 people.  “The cultural centre likes to think of Bolívar Hall as a small, personal showcase for artists before they perform at larger venues,” Mariale shares.  All the events at Bolívar Hall are free, and feel the cultural centre feels they are successful after each event by just spreading the culture of Venezuela to the people of London. 

 Movimientos is looking forward to a collaboration with the Venezuelan cultural centre and embassy in the near future with the ‘New Sounds of Venezuela’ event as three of the finest new bands from the Venezuelan tropical underground scene La Gallera Social Club, Monsalve y Los Forajidos and Bituaya, will be playing at Rich Mix in East London on September 3rd.


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10 Years of Booty Bass – A brief history of Daniel Haaksman & Man Recordings

For over ten years Daniel Haaksman has been one of the key figures instrumental in popularising global underground sounds and in particular Brazilian Baile Funk.

His compilation ‘Rio Favela Funk Baile Booty Beats’ released on the eclectic Essay Recordings – now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary – threw together some of the classics from the Favela Funk parties in Rio and gave a thrilling insight into hitherto unexplored terrain and – alongside the influence of Diplo – helped kickstart the wave of interest in various forms of ghetto bass music on the underground dance music scene. 

One of the most popular tracks was Bonde Do Tiagros’ “O Baile Todo” 

Around the same time he was producing tracks and remixes alongside his brother under the Haaksman y Haaksman moniker and this remix for Shantel’s Bucovina Social Club of was part of a wave of new forms of bastardised Gypsy and East European music that emerged and helped changed the global music landscape.

Shantel & Bucovina Social Club (Haaksman y Haaksman Soca Bogle remix)

Subsequent releases on his own Man Recordings imprint saw artists like Edu K, DJ Sandrinho and MC Gringo reaching a whole new audience whilst the Funk Mundial series pioneered new forms of the Baile Funk sound pairing European producers with some of the MCs and artists from the Rio scene, mutatating it beyond it’s original miami bass sound. Haaksman’s own productions lend a European club sensibility to the raw Funk sound as evidenced on the Kid Conga track featuring MC Militinho.

More recently the label has broadened it’s scope putting out tracks from key producers including Schlactofbronx, Uproot Andy, and Poirier and taking in other styles like Afro-House, Kuduro, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Cumbia, Tecno Brega, and Trap and is now an influential barometer of new bass music from around the world. 

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Catch a very rare Daniel Haaksman DJ set at Rich Mix Saturday 5th July as part of the Joga Bola Festival 

Daniel Haaksman Joga Bola


New Mexican film release – ‘The Golden Dream’

The Golden DreamTo celebrate Diego Quedama-Diez’s astounding debut THE GOLDEN DREAM (La jaula de oro) which will be released in cinemas on June 23rd,  join us at Passing Clouds this Friday 20th June at 8 pm for a special presentation with the director.

Diego Quemada Diez, who’s worked on films such as 21 Grams and The Constant Gardener as well as with legendary filmmaker Ken Loach, will screen two of his award-winning shorts: A Table is a Table, and I Want To Be A Pilot and will join us to talk about his new feature THE GOLDEN DREAM

THE GOLDEN DREAM is a gripping road movie that follows the fortunes of four Guatemalan teenagers on a dangerous journey across the Mexican border into America. Using improvisational techniques and non-professional actors and based on the true stories of hundreds of migrants collected over several years of extensive research, THE GOLDEN DREAM is a memorable and heartbreaking film that presents a realist depiction of friendship and survival against the striking yet dangerous Mexican backdrop.


“A beautiful film, full of human warmth, compassion and truth. The struggle of the innocent is caught with precision. And it is clear that the real enemy is beyond their reach or comprehension, but nonetheless very present in the film. Terrific!”
Ken Loach

“Absorbing and suspenseful…with great compassion and urgency”
Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian

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Joga Bola! Brazilian Cultural Festival @Rich Mix


We are delighted to announce that Movimientos has teamed up with internationally renowned Brazilian label Mais Um Discos and iconic east London venue Rich Mix in bringing you an eclectic line up of contemporary Brazilian music, street-art installations, independent film screenings, theatre and of course, futebol! Best of all, the celebration is free; a high energy summer festival in tandem with the World Cup in the heart of London’s East End.
Working with artists from the UK and Brazil Joga Bola! will showcase the depth and diversity of Brazilian culture as well as the region’s famous passion for ‘the beautiful game’. Every match from the World Cup will be screened for free, with live Brazilian music/DJs before and after to create a carnival atmosphere that Brazilians and Londoners alike we’re sure will appreciate.
In short, Joga Bola! presents the cream of the local Brazilian scene, and Richmix is renowned for showcasing the diversity of creative talent in the East London area. Now let’s talk specifics.
Gilles Peterson, world music visionary and the man largely responsible for introducing the UK to the sounds of Brazil with his BBC radio shows, DJ sets and multiple compilations; Gilles will present a special DJ set inspired by his recently released Sonzeira/ Brasil Bam Bam Bam album project.

Two of Brazil’s freshest new artists are also on the line-up: Sao Paulo’s alternative-pop act Tulipa Ruiz, with her unique brand of quirky-MPB, and an exclusive UK date from post-tropical populists Graveola.
As part of his European tour, Maga Bo will bring his Afro-Brazilian bass-heavy vibes to Rich Mix whilst Man Recordings’ Daniel Haaksman makes a rare London DJ appearance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his seminal Funk Carioca compilation ‘Booty Bass’.
Brazil is renowned for its progressive D-I-Y street art and Joga Bola! is proud to present debut London shows for some of the country’s trail-blazing artists. Stencil Maestro Daniel Melim is one of Sao Paulo’s much admired street artists whose murals – playful colourful twists on pop culture can be found across Sao Paulo city,
Also present at the party are members of the legendary poster art collective SHN, one of Brazil’s first DIY art collectives. Known for their street actions, exhibitions and collaborative multimedia projects they call ‘occupations’, the group cover city spaces in videos, projections, silkscreen stickers, poster DJs and performers; takeover street style at its best.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary Da Lata bring their mix of Afro-Brazilian music and soul-jazz as former Smoke City songstress Nina Miranda debuts her new live band project.

Samba reggae exponents Eri Okan will open the festival with their heavy drum sound while The Fontanas bring funky samba rock, and more traditional North Eastern music is represented by Pe-De-Juerma and the long running Maracatu Estrela Do Norte.
There’s also a chance to a witness authentic choro from Rio with Clube Do Choro who perform in a ‘roda’ – when the musicians sit in a circle and jam.
DJs representing the labels spearheading the new sounds of Brazil, including Mr Bongo, Far Out Records, Mais Um Discos and the influential Soul Jazz Records plus two of the keys DJs who pioneered Brazilian music in London since the 1980s – John Armstrong and Patrick Forge as well as the new wave of London tropicalistas such as cut-master DVyZor, Movimientos’ Cal Jader and B-Mundo Discos’ Pedro D-Lita.
Influential Latin-culture website Sounds and Colours and filmmakers Alborada and Bantam Films will present a series of independent screenings on Brazilian street culture. There will also be the Amazonian Film Festival presenting independent cinema from the thriving Brazilian Amazonian scene plus a feature about new Rio-dance craze Passinho and Cadência, an intimate picture of Brazilian football.
Oh and did we mention CAIPRINHAS?!

We got those too. Roll out the Abelha Cachaca beach cart, serving champion organic Caipirinhas to the thirsty masses.
Que mais precisa? Come play ball with us…


La Sra. Tomasa debut UK shows for an Easter explosion

This easter weekend we’re very excited to present the debut UK shows of one of Barcelona’s newest talents La Sra Tomasa. These feisty catalans have honed their sound for the last few years throwing out the rulebook with regards to Latin music adding a full power blend of drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, reggae and hip hop for a proper party vibe. Check out the official video for their track ‘La Fusion’ to their self proclaimed “Corazón, Bombo y Son” vibes.

La Sra Tomasa – La Fusión

They play Passing Clouds on Friday 18th April More details HERE

And Hootananny Saturday 19th April More details HERE