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Come with us for a journey to the magical Colombian Magdalena, the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende

Movimientos is keeping on the conscious vibes to survive the autumn! Although music is the core of our activities, we’re also keen to programme other cultural content at our events and on October 19th we will be hosting a whole day of film screenings at Passing Clouds with our good friends from Alborada films. The venue has always been a hub for social awareness film screenings so we’re excited to present three films touching on subjects like food sovereignty in Venezuela, the reality of the Colombian countryside, and the 1973 military coup in Chile. Docs small

All three films are very diverse in terms of historical period, social issues and film genre we’ve invited some speakers to contribute to the event.  Come with us for a journey to the magic Colombian Magdalena,  the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende.

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Mais Um Discos takes over Movimientos show on SOAS Radio !

Another Brazilian episode on our SOAS Radio show ! 

This time, Movimientos invites Mais Um Discos label boss Lewis Robinson to the studio to discuss the label’s acheivements releasing some of the freshest new music from Brazil.

For a label that is only three years old Mais Um Discos has been remarkably successful at presenting a new generation of Brazilian music to western audiences, helping to launch a hither to under appreciated string of forward thinking bands and solo acts through a series of album releases and compilations.                         

With tracks from key artists on the label Lucas Santtana, Graveola and Siba as well as music from the brand new compilation Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brazil, and songs from Amazonian female divas Dona Onete and Gaby Amarantos.

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‘Mexico: A Revolution in Art’: An interview with Dr Adrian Locke

Only 1 more week left to see ‘Mexico- Revolution in art’ (until 29th September at the Royal Academy of Arts)

 The exhibition is truly the first of its kind, comprising of 120 pieces of paintings and photographs from public and private collections. It portrays the 30 years 1910-1940, during which Mexico underwent a huge political change, when the artistic community flourished under a state sponsored programme, designed to promote the ideals of the new regime.

 “It reveals a dynamic and often turbulent cultural environment that included some of the most seminal figures of the twentieth century reflecting on their interaction with each other and their differing responses to the same subject: Mexico.”

 ’Mexico-Revolution in Art’ displays fascinating and at times shocking and gruesome as well as inspiring artworks from Manuel Ramos, Edward Weston, Laura Gilpin, Edward Burra, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and many more artists and photographers who travelled to Mexico and embraced her pre-colombian history and indigenous culture and popular art, at a time when all art was seen as equal.


We have asked Dr Adrian Locke, curator of this exhibition, about his thoughts on a few specific items on display.

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“New plays from Chile” at the Royal Court: An interview with Elyse Dodgson

As we mentioned in our last post number of events are taking place to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the right wing coup d’etat that overthrew Salvador Allende’s democratically elected government including a commemorative gathering in front of the Chilean Embassy in London on Wednesday 11th.
The Royal Court Theatre stages a whole week of readings by Chilean playwright.
Melinda Szucs spoke to their International Director, Elyse Dodgson about her own inspiration behind the programme. Elyse Dodgson has been a member of the Royal Court artistic team since 1985 – first, as Director of the Young People’s Theatre and, since 1995, as an Associate Director and Head of the International Department. Elyse has co-ordinated play development in many parts of the world including Cuba, Nigeria, Uganda, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Syria, India and Brazil and was the recipient of the 2004 Young Vic Award and, in 2010, received an MBE for her contribution to ‘international theatre and young writers overseas’.
And below John Cuevas from the group Amigo Artista gives us some of his personal thoughts on the coup and how it impacted on his music, and about Victor Jara (legendary Chilean singer, poet and political activist who was murdered a few days after):

London Chilean cultural events to commemorate 11th September – 40 years on

40 years ago, on 11th September 1973, the armed forces of Chile toppled Salvador Allende’s Unidad Popular government. The coup was followed by 17 years of military dictatorship. As everywhere else in the world, in London the Chilean community is striving to keep alive the memory of this period, through various cultual means such as theatre, music, photography and more… Here is a calendar of September Chilean cultural events that you really should not miss.