Monthly Archives: March 2014

Wara goes acoustic with Sofar Sounds and Amplificado

It’s very rare to see Wara perform acoustically – but when they do it’s always a delight and recently we’ve been spoilt. Firstly a lovely recording of the track ‘Flesh and Bone’ – which is the only track on their album in acoustic format (listen here)  from their exclusive Sofar Sounds show in February. 

Sofar London: Wara – Flesh and Bone

And last week our friends from (an amazing live music video recording project from Colombia) released another storming acoustic performance recorded near the Manor House studios at the end of last year. This time the title track from their debut album ‘Leave To Remain’ get’s the stripped down treatment from Juanita, Eli, Ernesto, Greg and Josh… 

 Amplifcado: Wara – Leave To Remain

If you like then take some time to check the full album ‘Leave To Remain’ for the full band sound.