Come with us for a journey to the magical Colombian Magdalena, the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende

Movimientos is keeping on the conscious vibes to survive the autumn! Although music is the core of our activities, we’re also keen to programme other cultural content at our events and on October 19th we will be hosting a whole day of film screenings at Passing Clouds with our good friends from Alborada films. The venue has always been a hub for social awareness film screenings so we’re excited to present three films touching on subjects like food sovereignty in Venezuela, the reality of the Colombian countryside, and the 1973 military coup in Chile. Docs small

All three films are very diverse in terms of historical period, social issues and film genre we’ve invited some speakers to contribute to the event.  Come with us for a journey to the magic Colombian Magdalena,  the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende.

The first movie is part of a trilogy, ‘CampDocumentary snapo Hablado’, directed by Belgian Nicolas Rincon-Gille about the wealth of the Colombian countryside and the traditions and of Colombian farmers. ‘El Abrazo del Rio’ focuses on the river Magdalena and the its legendary spirit, the Mohán who smokes tobacco and swigs aguardiente deep in the waters. But the bodies that the river now takes away do not resemble any longer the acts of the Mohán. This movie aims at showing the new reality of the Colombian countryside, and the consequences of the presence of the (paramilitares) – keeping in mind the relationship between legend and violence.


The second movie, Growing Change, « follows the filmmaker’s journey to understand why current food systems leave hundreds of millions of people in hunger […] After hearing about efforts in Venezuela to develop a more equitable and sustainable food and agriculture system, the filmmaker heads there to see if it’s working and find out what we might be able to learn from this giant experiment. »



Following the film, Hannah Griffiths, head of campaign at World Development Movement, will be there to talk about the organisation’s work on food sovereignty. The WDM organisation has, among others, set up a striking campaign, Bankers Anonymous, to « help bankers quit their gambling addiction » and raise awareness on the issue of food speculation.



The last movie ‘The Insurection of the Borugeoisie’ is part of an acclaimed trilogy by Chilean director Paticio Guzman, ‘The Battle of Chile’, which recalls the political events that occurred in Chile between 1972 and the end of 1973. The first part focuses on the first weeks after Salvador Allende was democratically elected. It shows the various tactics used by the right to destabilize the government and their strategy, that will lead to a military coup d’Etat.

The movie will be followed by a discussion with Oscar Guardiola Rivera, author of new book on the military coup in Chile “Story of A Death Foretold”.


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The day of documentary screenings will be followed by a long night of pure Movimientos live music with Dandaluz y Family Atlantica playing @ Passing Clouds + DJ Cal Jader and DJ Arias. Further information HERE.





By: Léa Granados