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Juana in a Million and the Struggle of Latin American Women: An Interview with Mexican Director and Actress Vicky Araico Casas

Mexico today means different things to different people. For me, it is a country whose real face is hidden behind the holiday adverts featuring white sandy beaches and mariachi players in sombreros. In reality, Mexico, much like other Latin American countries, has an amazing cultural heritage and is haunted by the ghosts of the past, where following the “Conquest” by Spanish forces over 500 years ago, many Mexicans are still being discriminated against. Luckily there are many investigations and social studies conducted today that shed light on some of the difficulties encountered by Latin Americans both in their home countries and abroad; all in the hope of somehow, somewhere along the line, improving their situations. Being a woman anywhere requires a lot of effort and bears a lot of challenges. Not just in terms of living up to others’ expectations but also living up to our own. In the west our experience as women is possibly somewhat easier than for those who are living in a countries considered to be part of the third world. Vicky Araico Casa in ‘Juana in a Million’ Vicky Araico Casa in ‘Juana in a Million’ Continue reading

Inti-Raymi and Interview with Warmi’s Phaxsi Coca

In today’s world, where everything moves a lot faster than in the times of our forefathers, it has become ever more important to conserve our heritage and traditions in order to be able to pass them onto future generations. We get caught up in the rush of the moment and forget about being in harmony with one’s own self, not to mention worrying about our planet earth and all that surrounds us. Some traditions such as those of the indigenous Inca of South America are still very much in sync with Mother Nature  and follow the cycle of our Sun and Moon. Some few-thousand-year-old traditions are still being practiced today, even if they might be subjected to tourism or foreign spectatorship.
Phaxi Coca
Phaxsi Coca
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Los Chinches kick off month-long ¡VAMOS! Festival in Newcastle.

This Friday, 14 June marks the start of a month-long festival in Newcastle celebrating Spanish and Portuguese speaking cultures, ¡VAMOS! Marking its eighth year, ¡VAMOS! is a different kind of festival because it celebrates many different countries across various art forms. It includes music, film, dance, art, food, family and children events, speakers, educational events and more! Nikolas Barrera, creator and director of ¡VAMOS! said the festival is unique because “there is an aspiration to try to make it as varied as possible and to give people lots of different ways to connect with it. Different people come because they’re interested in the academic speakers, children’s events, food events, or club nights. They come for their particular passions, but we hope that once they connect with the festival, they take a risk and try something different.” Continue reading

Praxis’ New Voices Festival Celebrates Diversity and Migration Rights

The New Voices Festival will play host to our very own Los Chinches on Saturday 13th July, as well as other global music maestros. The festival is organised by Praxis Community Projects, a non-profit whose goal is to assist migrants in vulnerable positions. Their mission is “to be with displaced communities, listening and acting through our common humanity to create and nurture reconciliation, human rights and social justice.” Their work includes immigration counselling, housing advice, support for trafficked women, and destitution prevention. The New Voices Festival was created by Praxis five years ago to celebrate the diversity of talent that comes from migrant communities in London, bringing people together and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual culture. Alex Sutton, Praxis’ Deputy Chief Executive said:

Smiling faces at last year's festival.

Smiling faces at last year’s festival.

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UK’s Chile 40 Network Celebrates Progress and International Relationships

“If we explore the recent history of Chile we are better able to put the continuing student protests that are challenging Chile’s neoliberal consensus into some kind of context.”-Pablo Navarrete, founder, Alborada Films
Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

The Chile 40 Network is a UK-wide effort to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chile’s own 11 September in 1973 and the resistance of the Chilean people against neoliberalism ever since. That year, democratically elected socialist leader Salvador Allende was overthrown in coup d’état by Augusto Pinochet. This began a 17-year long dictatorship by Pinochet that left the country facing terrible economic inequality. Continue reading

Brand New WARA Video ’7AM’ Live! Plus Behind the Scenes Footage!

This new exclusive Wara video shows the band blasting their song ’7AM’ live at the Village Underground, London. Features behind the scenes pre-gig footage where they talk about their current UK tour and the upcoming release of their genre-defying debut album ‘Leave to Remain’. Watch the video to see the revolutionary Cuban-London maestro sounds that are taking the UK by storm. ‘Leave to Remain’ hits stores, iTunes and Amazon on 3rd June. Click here for more information about the Wara UK tour By: Jamie Ordonez