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¡Adelante! Latin America 2013: Making a better world possible…

The annual Latin America Conference 2013 is titled ‘Adelante’, and will hit London’s Congress house on December 7th.

The annual event carries the tagline ‘making a better world possible’ and looks set to put forward some really interesting perspectives on what’s been happening in the region throughout 2013, as well as exploring what the future may hold. In addition to discussions and talks from over 50 speakers, the conference will also include workshops, breakout sessions and film screenings.Conferecne-page-002-1

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Be part of the Landscape of Latin America with Camilo Menjura’s LOLCHOIR

When I heard that award winning musician Camilo Menjura had started a new choir at the Calthorpe Project, Kings Cross, I decided it would definitely be worth checking out. Though the choir is in its early stages and has only been up and running for a month, new people are joining every week and it’s causing a bit of a stir.

London Chilean cultural events to commemorate 11th September – 40 years on

40 years ago, on 11th September 1973, the armed forces of Chile toppled Salvador Allende’s Unidad Popular government. The coup was followed by 17 years of military dictatorship. As everywhere else in the world, in London the Chilean community is striving to keep alive the memory of this period, through various cultual means such as theatre, music, photography and more… Here is a calendar of September Chilean cultural events that you really should not miss.



Women soaked by water cannon during a demonstration against Pinochet on International Women’s Day. Santiago; Chile, 1985. Photo by Julio Etchart

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Praxis’ New Voices Festival Celebrates Diversity and Migration Rights

The New Voices Festival will play host to our very own Los Chinches on Saturday 13th July, as well as other global music maestros. The festival is organised by Praxis Community Projects, a non-profit whose goal is to assist migrants in vulnerable positions. Their mission is “to be with displaced communities, listening and acting through our common humanity to create and nurture reconciliation, human rights and social justice.” Their work includes immigration counselling, housing advice, support for trafficked women, and destitution prevention. The New Voices Festival was created by Praxis five years ago to celebrate the diversity of talent that comes from migrant communities in London, bringing people together and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual culture. Alex Sutton, Praxis’ Deputy Chief Executive said:

Smiling faces at last year's festival.

Smiling faces at last year’s festival.

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UK’s Chile 40 Network Celebrates Progress and International Relationships

“If we explore the recent history of Chile we are better able to put the continuing student protests that are challenging Chile’s neoliberal consensus into some kind of context.”-Pablo Navarrete, founder, Alborada Films
Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

The Chile 40 Network is a UK-wide effort to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chile’s own 11 September in 1973 and the resistance of the Chilean people against neoliberalism ever since. That year, democratically elected socialist leader Salvador Allende was overthrown in coup d’état by Augusto Pinochet. This began a 17-year long dictatorship by Pinochet that left the country facing terrible economic inequality. Continue reading