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Beyond El Dorado – “Breaking the myth” behind the scenes – Interview with curator Elisenda Vila Llonch

If you google ‘El dorado‘, the first two hits are guaranteed to refer you to Wikipedia, of course. One gives a pretty good history of it as an “imagined place”, that it is, and the second talks about a not very popular BBC soap from the 90s. Clearly irrelevant here but still…

Whatever you read about this ‘lost city of Gold‘, as it is popularly known, you would not fully grasp the grandour of it. There is only so much the average person can find out about pre-Colombian tribes, rituals and spiritual leaders. That is, until you go to the exhibition at the British Museum. True to its title, ‘Beyond El Dorado’, the exhibition takes the story to another level, it breaks the myth of it being an actual place.


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¡Adelante! Latin America 2013: Making a better world possible…

The annual Latin America Conference 2013 is titled ‘Adelante’, and will hit London’s Congress house on December 7th.

The annual event carries the tagline ‘making a better world possible’ and looks set to put forward some really interesting perspectives on what’s been happening in the region throughout 2013, as well as exploring what the future may hold. In addition to discussions and talks from over 50 speakers, the conference will also include workshops, breakout sessions and film screenings.Conferecne-page-002-1

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The London Latin American Film Festival is Back

Tomorrow sees the launch of the London Latin American Film Festival, which runs from November 15th -24th at Bolivar Hall, University College London.
If you have been to the festival before, then you might have a rough idea of the quality you’re likely to expect, and if you’ve never been, then it is about time you did! Don’t let another year pass without joining this stand-out film fiesta.
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Calle13 meets Julian Assange with Multi_Viral track

In recent years Calle13 have been increasingly using their huge platform across the Spanish speaking world and beyond to showcase progressive political issue and highlight injustice.  With the target of the mainstream corporate media and it’s distortions firmly in their sights they have just launched their new track ‘Multi_Viral‘ a collaboration with Wikileak’s Julian Assange. Musically it’s a guitar-riff heavy mash up of hip hop and drum’n'bass with a little cumbia joining forces with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Palestinian political artist and singer Kamilya Jubran. Download it on the SoundCloud link below and watch Rene (Residente) in conversation with Assange below.

By: Callum Simpson

Don Fulano ‘In greatness lies complexity’…. Tasting and tale-telling at McQueens

I had never considered tequila as a quality spirit, or one that requires special attention and knowledge. However, this has all changed when I met Gio Schiavoni who could not be more passionate about the subject. Once I found out that he was actually ‘on the other side’ of the tequila business, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to get some insight into, what I now know is, an art of making a “happy spirit”.