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Win tickets to see ‘Chile’s Student Uprising’ Premiere

Alborada Films presents their new Short Documentary ‘Chile’s Student Uprising’ which highlights the ongoing protest against the Chilean educational system.

The premiere of this unique documentary will take place on Wednesday 12th February and in this occasion they have a pair of tickets to give away, all you have to do is send an email to: with ‘Chile students’ as subject. Contestants have until 6th February to send the email and the winners will be chosen random from all the contestant that same day. 

Chile’s Student Uprising (Crowd-Funding Trailer for Upcoming Short Documentary) from Alborada Films on Vimeo.

The London Latin American Film Festival is Back

Tomorrow sees the launch of the London Latin American Film Festival, which runs from November 15th -24th at Bolivar Hall, University College London.
If you have been to the festival before, then you might have a rough idea of the quality you’re likely to expect, and if you’ve never been, then it is about time you did! Don’t let another year pass without joining this stand-out film fiesta.
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Get into the spirit for our Dia de Los Muertos Experience

Ready to rouse some spirits? Come and join the ultimate end of days fiesta. Forget Halloween, the Day of the Dead just hit London. Prepare to be thrown head-first into a technicolour world of fright and mystery, zombies and music, voodoo and carnival riot the heart of East London @ Rich Mix London.  GET TICKETS HERE


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Come with us for a journey to the magical Colombian Magdalena, the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende

Movimientos is keeping on the conscious vibes to survive the autumn! Although music is the core of our activities, we’re also keen to programme other cultural content at our events and on October 19th we will be hosting a whole day of film screenings at Passing Clouds with our good friends from Alborada films. The venue has always been a hub for social awareness film screenings so we’re excited to present three films touching on subjects like food sovereignty in Venezuela, the reality of the Colombian countryside, and the 1973 military coup in Chile. Docs small

All three films are very diverse in terms of historical period, social issues and film genre we’ve invited some speakers to contribute to the event.  Come with us for a journey to the magic Colombian Magdalena,  the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende.

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London Chilean cultural events to commemorate 11th September – 40 years on

40 years ago, on 11th September 1973, the armed forces of Chile toppled Salvador Allende’s Unidad Popular government. The coup was followed by 17 years of military dictatorship. As everywhere else in the world, in London the Chilean community is striving to keep alive the memory of this period, through various cultual means such as theatre, music, photography and more… Here is a calendar of September Chilean cultural events that you really should not miss.



Women soaked by water cannon during a demonstration against Pinochet on International Women’s Day. Santiago; Chile, 1985. Photo by Julio Etchart

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UK’s Chile 40 Network Celebrates Progress and International Relationships

“If we explore the recent history of Chile we are better able to put the continuing student protests that are challenging Chile’s neoliberal consensus into some kind of context.”-Pablo Navarrete, founder, Alborada Films
Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

Chile 40 Logo, which includes a portrait of Salvdor Allende and a photo of the 1973 coup.

The Chile 40 Network is a UK-wide effort to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chile’s own 11 September in 1973 and the resistance of the Chilean people against neoliberalism ever since. That year, democratically elected socialist leader Salvador Allende was overthrown in coup d’état by Augusto Pinochet. This began a 17-year long dictatorship by Pinochet that left the country facing terrible economic inequality. Continue reading