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Get into the spirit for our Dia de Los Muertos Experience

Ready to rouse some spirits? Come and join the ultimate end of days fiesta. Forget Halloween, the Day of the Dead just hit London. Prepare to be thrown head-first into a technicolour world of fright and mystery, zombies and music, voodoo and carnival riot the heart of East London @ Rich Mix London.  GET TICKETS HERE


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“New plays from Chile” at the Royal Court: An interview with Elyse Dodgson

As we mentioned in our last post number of events are taking place to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the right wing coup d’etat that overthrew Salvador Allende’s democratically elected government including a commemorative gathering in front of the Chilean Embassy in London on Wednesday 11th.
The Royal Court Theatre stages a whole week of readings by Chilean playwright.
Melinda Szucs spoke to their International Director, Elyse Dodgson about her own inspiration behind the programme. Elyse Dodgson has been a member of the Royal Court artistic team since 1985 – first, as Director of the Young People’s Theatre and, since 1995, as an Associate Director and Head of the International Department. Elyse has co-ordinated play development in many parts of the world including Cuba, Nigeria, Uganda, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Syria, India and Brazil and was the recipient of the 2004 Young Vic Award and, in 2010, received an MBE for her contribution to ‘international theatre and young writers overseas’.
And below John Cuevas from the group Amigo Artista gives us some of his personal thoughts on the coup and how it impacted on his music, and about Victor Jara (legendary Chilean singer, poet and political activist who was murdered a few days after):


Juana in a Million and the Struggle of Latin American Women: An Interview with Mexican Director and Actress Vicky Araico Casas

Mexico today means different things to different people. For me, it is a country whose real face is hidden behind the holiday adverts featuring white sandy beaches and mariachi players in sombreros. In reality, Mexico, much like other Latin American countries, has an amazing cultural heritage and is haunted by the ghosts of the past, where following the “Conquest” by Spanish forces over 500 years ago, many Mexicans are still being discriminated against. Luckily there are many investigations and social studies conducted today that shed light on some of the difficulties encountered by Latin Americans both in their home countries and abroad; all in the hope of somehow, somewhere along the line, improving their situations. Being a woman anywhere requires a lot of effort and bears a lot of challenges. Not just in terms of living up to others’ expectations but also living up to our own. In the west our experience as women is possibly somewhat easier than for those who are living in a countries considered to be part of the third world. Vicky Araico Casa in ‘Juana in a Million’ Vicky Araico Casa in ‘Juana in a Million’ Continue reading