Cerrado Savannah – Frontiers and Transformation 

Whilst in Sâo Paulo I was staying with a good friend Cris Aoki who alongside celebrated photographer Peter Caton was recently responsible for a project which focuses on the destruction of the Cerrado Savannah, a region of Brazil that as Peter says “holds around 5% of the world’s bio-diversity and is roughly 10 times the size of Britain”. 



The main focus of the pictures was the impact of the massive expansion of single crop monocultures namely Soya, Corn, Sugar Cane and Eucalyptus that have a multilayered affect on the environment particularly the water levels as well as the eviction and displacement of indigenous tribes and local populations. Not only this but the farmworkers involved in cattle ranching are starting devasting fires which are ripping through the Cerrado on an unprecedented scale.

Undertaken and exhibited a few years ago now it’s no less relevant since the issues all remain huge problems and similar photography projects focusing on this region are rare. And apparently this is only the start of their work documenting this situation so watch this space.

More info here: http://petercaton.co.uk/recentwork/cerrado-savannah-frontiers-and-transformation

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