New DJ mix – ¡Levántate! Sounds of Movimientos for 2013

A special DJ mix on a more organic tip to showcase some of the sounds lighting up the Movimientos airwaves and dance floor this year including amongst others Salsa from La Mecanica Popular, Bio Ritmo, Uproot Andy with a typical bastardised Salsa banger and fresh from Colombia La Mambanegra. Cumbia from Maguare and Movimientos’ own Los Chinches. Plus Cuban beats from Qva Libre one of the hottest alternative bands coming out of Havana right now, Gema Y Pavel’s version of the classic Cumbanchero and of course Wara’s acoustic ‘Flesh & Bone’ going straight to the soul. Plus Afro-Latin beats from Bruk Beat Kru, Thornato’s remix of Son Palenque, and Ondatropica going Afrobeat on a version of Fela Kuti’s ‘Chop n Quench’. Not forgetting Brazil with Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra’s killer track plucked from the new Mais Um Discos compilation and a forthcoming release from Orquestra Imperial. Listen here…
Track Listing:
Flesh & Bone (acoustic) By Wara 1
Tick Tock Goes the Clock By Kobo town 2
Tamancas By Orquestra Imperial 3
Malunguinho By Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra 4
Se Cae By Puerto candelaria 5
La Compostura By Mambanegra 6
Picaresca By Bio Ritmo 7
Le Paz Del Freak By La Mecánica Popular 8
Ando Caliente By Qva Libre 9
El Forastero (Uproot Andy Remix) By Galileo Y Su Banda 10
Chop ‘N’ Quench By Ondatropica 11
Optisimo Infernal By Maguaré 12
Romantica Amazonica By Los Chinches 13
Rúmbia By La Troba Kung-Fú 14
Oye By Super Spanish Combo 15
Whisky Barons By Ray Barretto 16
Cumbanchero By Gema y Pavel 17
Rombon By Bruk beat boogie Kru 18
Oya Indebure By Dj Nu Mark 19
Calabongo (Thornato Remix) By Son Palenque  20




























¡Levántate! – Sonidos Movimientos 2013 by Movimientos on Mixcloud


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