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Liberation through music. An Interview with Cuban violinist Omar Puente

Together with Alborada and Movimientos, Omar Puente is taking part in a seminar as part of the Latin America Conference entitled ‘Liberation through Culture – Music & Film in Latin America’s revolutionary wave‘ here he gives us a little glimpse into what he will talk about at  and and answers a few more of our questions about his inspiring life

Omar explained that it will be a challenge to squeeze all they want to say into one hour. They will touch on the evolution of music, the Cuban roots and the importance of songs on the revolution.

It is not just music. As Cubans we walk music, we eat music, we drink music and we dance music.’ Omar explained.

He has been active with the Cuban Solidarity Campaign (who co-host the conference) for a while now and feels ‘flattered’ to have been invited to speak.

Being involved with the Solidarity Campaign is my way of saying thank you and giving something back.’

The Adelante! Latin America Conference 2013 is taking place tomorrow, Saturday 7 December, 9-6pm at Congress House, 28 Russell Street followed by Fiesta at Bolivar Hall


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The London Latin American Film Festival is Back

Tomorrow sees the launch of the London Latin American Film Festival, which runs from November 15th -24th at Bolivar Hall, University College London.
If you have been to the festival before, then you might have a rough idea of the quality you’re likely to expect, and if you’ve never been, then it is about time you did! Don’t let another year pass without joining this stand-out film fiesta.
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