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10 Years of Booty Bass – A brief history of Daniel Haaksman & Man Recordings

For over ten years Daniel Haaksman has been one of the key figures instrumental in popularising global underground sounds and in particular Brazilian Baile Funk.

His compilation ‘Rio Favela Funk Baile Booty Beats’ released on the eclectic Essay Recordings – now celebrating it’s 10th anniversary – threw together some of the classics from the Favela Funk parties in Rio and gave a thrilling insight into hitherto unexplored terrain and – alongside the influence of Diplo – helped kickstart the wave of interest in various forms of ghetto bass music on the underground dance music scene. 

One of the most popular tracks was Bonde Do Tiagros’ “O Baile Todo” 

Around the same time he was producing tracks and remixes alongside his brother under the Haaksman y Haaksman moniker and this remix for Shantel’s Bucovina Social Club of was part of a wave of new forms of bastardised Gypsy and East European music that emerged and helped changed the global music landscape.

Shantel & Bucovina Social Club (Haaksman y Haaksman Soca Bogle remix)

Subsequent releases on his own Man Recordings imprint saw artists like Edu K, DJ Sandrinho and MC Gringo reaching a whole new audience whilst the Funk Mundial series pioneered new forms of the Baile Funk sound pairing European producers with some of the MCs and artists from the Rio scene, mutatating it beyond it’s original miami bass sound. Haaksman’s own productions lend a European club sensibility to the raw Funk sound as evidenced on the Kid Conga track featuring MC Militinho.

More recently the label has broadened it’s scope putting out tracks from key producers including Schlactofbronx, Uproot Andy, and Poirier and taking in other styles like Afro-House, Kuduro, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Cumbia, Tecno Brega, and Trap and is now an influential barometer of new bass music from around the world. 

For more info check: http://www.manrecordings.com/

Catch a very rare Daniel Haaksman DJ set at Rich Mix Saturday 5th July as part of the Joga Bola Festival 

Daniel Haaksman Joga Bola


Cal Jader in Brazil pt1

Since i’m going to be in Brazil for over 6 weeks (!!!) I thought i’d take this opportunity to use my trip to introduce some of the amazing music that i’ll be encountering along the way and try to feature some of the DJs, producers and cultural protagonists I’ll be hooking up with along the way and keep the Movimientos blog updated as I go. The first motivation behind my trip was to see carnival for the first time (this year in both Recife and Rio) but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to string a few DJ dates together (see list below) largely through DJs who’ve played at Movimientos parties in London however for one of my first gigs – in Sao Paulo this Friday a night called Furupa organised by the wonderful Mariana Pinho of Gandaia Arts – will not only feature the phenomenal talents of DJ Tudo but two producer / DJs Tahira and Aroop Roy (the latter also a UK resident) and both of whom have recently released Brazilian edits have been creating a bit of buzz.

Check them out here:


DJ dates: 

31/1: São Paulo - Discoteco Tropical w/ Ad Ferrera & Tahira

1/ 2: São Paulo – Furupa @ Puxadinho Da Pranca w/ DJ Tudo, Aroop Roy (UK)

4/3: Rio: Sotage Carregado @Rio Scenarium 

8/2: Rio - Pedro Da Leme - Noches Del Sol  

11/2: – Salvador – Commons Studio Bar w/ Murillo

14/2: Salvador –  Paciência Beach House, Festa Nozmoskada 

17 / 3: Brasilia – Outro Calaf w/ Criolina 

cal_brasil tour