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Cal Jader in Brazil pt1

Since i’m going to be in Brazil for over 6 weeks (!!!) I thought i’d take this opportunity to use my trip to introduce some of the amazing music that i’ll be encountering along the way and try to feature some of the DJs, producers and cultural protagonists I’ll be hooking up with along the way and keep the Movimientos blog updated as I go. The first motivation behind my trip was to see carnival for the first time (this year in both Recife and Rio) but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to string a few DJ dates together (see list below) largely through DJs who’ve played at Movimientos parties in London however for one of my first gigs – in Sao Paulo this Friday a night called Furupa organised by the wonderful Mariana Pinho of Gandaia Arts – will not only feature the phenomenal talents of DJ Tudo but two producer / DJs Tahira and Aroop Roy (the latter also a UK resident) and both of whom have recently released Brazilian edits have been creating a bit of buzz.

Check them out here:


DJ dates: 

31/1: São Paulo - Discoteco Tropical w/ Ad Ferrera & Tahira

1/ 2: São Paulo – Furupa @ Puxadinho Da Pranca w/ DJ Tudo, Aroop Roy (UK)

4/3: Rio: Sotage Carregado @Rio Scenarium 

8/2: Rio - Pedro Da Leme - Noches Del Sol  

11/2: – Salvador – Commons Studio Bar w/ Murillo

14/2: Salvador –  Paciência Beach House, Festa Nozmoskada 

17 / 3: Brasilia – Outro Calaf w/ Criolina 

cal_brasil tour

Free download Uproot Andy Worldwide Ting Vol.2

We’re getting exited about a tropical bass explosion on Sunday from Uproot Andy at Camden Lockside Lounge.  All the way from Brooklyn Uproot Andy´s unique style has made him one of the most sought after producers and DJs on the global scene. 

The new Que Bajo Records release Uproot Andy’s Worldwide Ting Vol. 2. will get you in the mood for his special appearance in London with Movimientos @our DJ night Baila Con Dios.

Download Uproot Andy’s Worldwide Ting Vol. 2. here: 

New DJ mix – ¡Levántate! Sounds of Movimientos for 2013

A special DJ mix on a more organic tip to showcase some of the sounds lighting up the Movimientos airwaves and dance floor this year including amongst others Salsa from La Mecanica Popular, Bio Ritmo, Uproot Andy with a typical bastardised Salsa banger and fresh from Colombia La Mambanegra. Cumbia from Maguare and Movimientos’ own Los Chinches. Plus Cuban beats from Qva Libre one of the hottest alternative bands coming out of Havana right now, Gema Y Pavel’s version of the classic Cumbanchero and of course Wara’s acoustic ‘Flesh & Bone’ going straight to the soul. Plus Afro-Latin beats from Bruk Beat Kru, Thornato’s remix of Son Palenque, and Ondatropica going Afrobeat on a version of Fela Kuti’s ‘Chop n Quench’. Not forgetting Brazil with Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra’s killer track plucked from the new Mais Um Discos compilation and a forthcoming release from Orquestra Imperial. Listen here…

Come with us for a journey to the magical Colombian Magdalena, the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende

Movimientos is keeping on the conscious vibes to survive the autumn! Although music is the core of our activities, we’re also keen to programme other cultural content at our events and on October 19th we will be hosting a whole day of film screenings at Passing Clouds with our good friends from Alborada films. The venue has always been a hub for social awareness film screenings so we’re excited to present three films touching on subjects like food sovereignty in Venezuela, the reality of the Colombian countryside, and the 1973 military coup in Chile. Docs small

All three films are very diverse in terms of historical period, social issues and film genre we’ve invited some speakers to contribute to the event.  Come with us for a journey to the magic Colombian Magdalena,  the Venezuelan countryside and the Chile of Salvador Allende.

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Mais Um Discos takes over Movimientos show on SOAS Radio !

Another Brazilian episode on our SOAS Radio show ! 

This time, Movimientos invites Mais Um Discos label boss Lewis Robinson to the studio to discuss the label’s acheivements releasing some of the freshest new music from Brazil.

For a label that is only three years old Mais Um Discos has been remarkably successful at presenting a new generation of Brazilian music to western audiences, helping to launch a hither to under appreciated string of forward thinking bands and solo acts through a series of album releases and compilations.                         

With tracks from key artists on the label Lucas Santtana, Graveola and Siba as well as music from the brand new compilation Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brazil, and songs from Amazonian female divas Dona Onete and Gaby Amarantos.

Listen to the podcast HERE !



Explore the rhythms of Pernambuco with Maracatudo Mafua and Simone Sou

The North Eastern Brazilian region of Pernambuco is the home of various powerful musical expressions: maracatu, ijexa, côco, cavalo marinho, ciranda… Most of them are deeply rooted in ancestral African musical traditions, but have also been influenced by Brazilian Indigenous and Europe. Movimientos welcome Brazilian female percussionist Simone Sou and Mariana Pinho (Maracatudo Mafua) into the SOAS Radio studio to break down a selection of some of those essential roots rhythms.


(Lia de Itamaraca, Afoxe Oxum Panda, Maracatu Nacao Encanto da Alegria, Dominguinhos and more!)

Over the last 20 years, those ancestral rhythms have been spread out to the world and are now played by dozens of bands and blocos all over Europe. Amongst them is Maracatudo Mafua, a London-based maracatu band formed in 2009. Mafua was initially created as a “stage professional band” but soon also started to give percussions and dance courses. After one year, Mariana Pinho, the band founder and artistic director, decided “to align all the educational bookings and courses to culminate in a big parade: Notting Hill Carnival”.

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