Movimientos is the most active Latin American events organisation in the UK. We are a live music events programmer, promoter, artist agency and record label and we have broad depth of experience working with a high profile network of venues, festivals and partners in the UK and Europe.

Our DJs and bands are all Latin American centric and we uphold our reputation through a consistent and passionate focus on quality and originality. Movimientos is a not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to bringing you the best and newest Latin American live music and reinvigorating the Latin music scene in the UK.

We aim to broaden perceptions of Latin music beyond mainstream genres by representing artists who are bringing brand new fusions of music to the stage; including artists with African, Andean, Caribbean and Spanish influences, from Folk roots, to Latin Jazz, Salsa and Samba, to Cumbia, Ska, Flamenco, the urban beats of Hip Hop and Reggaeton and even more electronic and experimental sounds.

We launched Movimientos Records in 2011, where we are releasing the hottest Latin music from the bands blazing a trail on stages across the UK. Our events have always provided an open platform for independent filmmakers and organisations to highlight issues and raise awareness of what are mostly unreported topics relating to Latin America.