A message from Movimientos

As I'm sure you understand we've been scurrying around at Movimientos HQ trying to make sense of the current situation. We've been in talks with our venue partners, many of whom are closing their doors for some time, and in doing so, we've made the devastating but ultimately, we believe, correct decision to not go ahead with any events for the foreseeable future. We will be keeping a keen eye on developments and working hard to reschedule for when things clear up. In the meantime, the safety and wellbeing of our audience, staff and performers alike are paramount.

That said, in the coming weeks we will be looking at how we can best continue to support those around us, so stay tuned. Our hearts go out to everyone that is struggling with the current situation - the venues, artists, creatives and people behind the scenes who make the music and arts world so vibrant.

Look after yourself and those around you. Stay safe, stay connected x

NEW RELEASE: Wara - Tiempo

What would happen if we could control time?

With its bass-heavy dembow groove sprinkled with samba drums, synths and guitars, Tiempo is a Latin-London urban anthem!

“As immigrants in London, we learn to make the most of our time here to make our presence count every day. There’s a sense of urgency generated by the uncertainty of whether we will be able to stay for another month, another year, another five years. Tiempo is about dropping your to-do list and meeting up with that friend you’ve been wanting to see for a while instead. Dropping your worries about the future. The hundred-dollar face cream that promises to keep you young forever? Drop that one too. We can’t cheat time. Go out, sal a perrear, la vida es corta."


The Fontanas - Fuel To My Fire

The Fontanas return with more of their sweet funky Tropical sound!

Culture flows through the fabric of the band, boasting a truly global line up and taking in countries as far as Brazil, Jamaica & Mozambique, with members having performed alongside the likes of Mr Scruff, Milton Nascimento, Alice Russell, Culture Club and beyond. The music embraces the heritage of Brazil, but defines itself from their base in West London.

‘Seriously funky and feel good. This track is gonna be big this summer’ DJ Edu (BBC1Xtra)

Sofree - Tus Olas (feat. Eliane Correa & Yelfris Valdés)

It all began with a musical foundation by Sylvain Couesmes (Freemachinist).

Yasmeen Quintana taught it to Eliane Correa one afternoon in her house and, spontaneously improvising, Eliane sang “En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo” (In the foam of your waves I lose myself), which later became the refrain. From there, they started working on the song long-distance via Skype.

Yasmeen wrote lyrics around this idea while Sylvain and Eliane continued composing and arranging the song. The lyrics are about the sea and the fact that Yasmeen often felt suffocated by the urban surrounding in which many of us live, wanting to return to the sea to finally be able to breathe again. The creative process lasted months. With musicians from Barcelona and London playing and recording the instruments (bass, guitar, trombone, etc.), the participation of the talented trumpeter Yelfris Valdés is especially noted.

They felt from the first day that this song deserved to be accompanied by a video. Sylvain already knew what he wanted, something new and fresh. Immediately they thought of animated images in a “collage” style with moving designs. Jezabel De León Carballo put herself forward to take charge of the make-up and they called Thomas Lefebvre, a photographer they had worked with for the inside sleeve of their first EP “Raíces distintas”. The images don’t necessarily follow the lyrics but instead follow their own flow creating a distinct and dream-like universe.